There is never an ideal time to file for Bankruptcy. It is easy to feel overwhelmed when you do not have sufficient funds to pay your bills. Creditors will do anything to get you to pay money you simply do not have. You start to fear answering your phone or opening your mail. You endure sleepless nights thinking of your financial woes. However, using the legal tool known as Bankruptcy, you can regain control of your finances and enjoy a stress free financial future. Scores of American individuals and businesses have filed for bankruptcy. For people who file for bankruptcy, our team of bankruptcy lawyers at Kokolakis Law Firm handles issues such as home foreclosures, car repossessions, wage garnishments and collection actions.

Filing for bankruptcy can realistically provide a fresh start and help you get back on your feet financially. The bankruptcy attorneys at Kokolakis Law Firm can help to eliminate or reduce credit card debt, medical debt, loans, and other forms of unsecured debt. We also provide non-bankruptcy alternatives to businesses and individuals. At Kokolakis Law Firm, we assist potential clients take advantage of their rights under bankruptcy laws. We examine your matter thoroughly and make an assessment in order to bring forth the most favorable outcome by learning about each client’s unique situation and goals. Schedule a consultation today to speak with Bankruptcy Attorneys in Queens, NY and Astoria, NY.

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