Client Testimonials

“I was swamped with credit card debt. I didn’t know where to turn. I met with various attorneys to discuss my options for the filing of a bankruptcy and received feedback/advice that left me feeling uncomfortable and unconfident.

I expressed my financial situation to my accountant and without a slight hesitation he referred Mr. John Kokolakis. I figured I had nothing to lose I tried others and wanted to see what Mr. Kokolakis had to advise me.

Upon contacting the office I was quickly assisted by Deborah, she made me feel comfortable with my current debt situation and not feel embarrassed and she scheduled the appointment in a timely manner.

My biggest fear was that nothing was going to get done and that I would never be free of my debt. John Kokolakis of The Kokolakis Law Firm assured me that I was now in his hands and assured me that everything will be done and I will be discharged of my debt. I highly benefited from meeting with John Kokolakis because his consultation with me was honest and correct and now I have an attorney I can trust. All I could say is that if you want your legal matter to be successfully done go to The Kokolakis, Law Firm, PLLC – G.P Astoria, NY”

A Satisfied Client

“Congratulations on the publishing of your book! It is rare to find such sincerity in an attorney. You definitely have captured my interest with your clear and precise explanations on making any real estate transaction, especially getting involved with the complexity of a 1031 exchange. Thank you for your information- definitely an eye opener!”

Irene Dimopoulos

“I was faced with the problem of finding an attorney whom I felt I could trust with my legal matter. Prior to meeting John Kokolakis I had met with two other attorneys who I felt were just telling me what I wanted to hear as they charged me for a consultation that gave me no value. I was just about to give up when a friend referred me to Mr. Kokolakis. I finally felt like I was in good hands. John Kokolakis gave me the truth even if it wasn’t something I wanted to hear. I love the attention I received and the way the firm collected all the proper information for my matter and proceeded very diligently towards helping me obtain my goals. He fought for my rights and got me what I wanted!

The friendliness, respect and warm support received from all the members of the firm from the first day goes a very long way and that’s why I will recommend this firm to anyone. In fact, I have referred a few people to them already and have used them myself more than once. I love their professionalism and honesty and only wish they were located in the Bronx.”

Sabrina R.

“I was in need of an attorney to negotiate a commercial lease for a space that I was interested in leasing. I had so many questions and concerns and didn’t know where to begin. From the moment I met with John Kokolakis I felt at ease. He attentively listened to my concerns. Before we concluded our strategy session he had me realize many things that I had not thought of and recommended great solutions that surprisingly didn’t necessarily benefit him financially.

Working with the Kokolakis Law firm was a pleasure from start to finish. When John wasn’t available Deborah was aware of my matter and would address my concerns on the spot. Their professionalism as they handled my affairs was refreshing and welcomed. They made sure my matter was handled expeditiously saving time while his ability to negotiate key language saved me thousands of dollars. I highly recommend their services.”

Eftihia Barkas, Owner- Monuments by Effie Inc.

“Wow! I could honestly say he is the first attorney I retained and did not feel he was just taking my money. I used him for the sale of my house and now I’m using him for the purchase of my new home.”