Grow With A Lawyer™

The exclusive “Grow With A Lawyer Program” is a process whereby the Kokolakis Law Firm actively helps micro and small businesses comply with the law and face their daily challenges so they can focus on growing their business. It’s unique in a number of ways on of which being that it provides our business clients the opportunity to experience having the equivalent of a team of knowledgeable in house attorneys at lower and fixed costs. In our over 18 years of experience we’ve realized that most attorney client relationships are reactive by nature and consists primarily of one off transactions such as drafting a contract or a shareholder agreement or writing a letter.

Most small businesses experience attorneys through these one off transactions. One off transactions however are flawed in that they generally limit the business relationship resulting in the business not taking advantage of what an experienced attorney has to offer. Businesses that retain an attorney for one off transactions are generally taking a reactive approach as opposed to being proactive. Many micro and small businesses benefit from our Grow with a lawyer program by having us help them before a solid legal foundation before things go wrong ensuring that each business focuses on what is important to their growth. Schedule a consultation today to discover more about the Grow With A Lawyer Program in Queens, NY and Astoria, NY.

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