Real Estate law

Real estate law governs the rights and interests in both residential and commercial real estate and provides protection for buyers, sellers, land owners, developers, contractors, and realtors. The legal issues handled by the real estate attorneys at Kokolakis Law Firm include sales, purchases, leases and transfers of real estate, title to real property, settlement of claims against property rights, landlord-tenant issues, property development, zoning and land use and environmental compliance along with financing mortgages and foreclosures and other relevant legal issues. Real estate law is a complex field which is further complicated by the variation in the laws throughout different cities and states.

The real estate attorneys at Kokolakis Law firm are well versed in real estate practice handling everything from the mundane drafting of deeds and filing of liens, to handling boundary and zoning disputes and even assisting families in court when threatened with foreclosure. When real estate disputes arise, the real estate lawyers at Kokolakis Law Firm represent their clients in court. The common areas of litigation are breach of contract, zoning compliance issues, construction defects, foreclosure, HOA issues or boundary disputes. Schedule a consultation today to speak with Real Estate Attorneys in Queens, NY and Astoria, NY.

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